Oil & Water Particles

Something to Snack On
Something to Snack OnFrench fries and chips are served hot, either soft or crispy, and appear on menus in restaurants, diners, pubs, and bars around the world. The entire process of manufacturing frozen french fries is done by machines.Potatoes roll along conveyor belts, and are sorted by size. Long, oval potatoes are designated for long, strip fries, while small, round potatoes are used for curly fries. Once separated, the potatoes are steamed and dropped onto another machine, where the skin is removed. From there, they make their way to another machine that cuts them into the appropriate shape and dips them in a dextrose sugar and sodium acid pyrophosphate to maintain their color.
Fried Chicken
Things Heat Up for Chicken Fryer
Deep frying has been around for nearly a thousand years. The process consists of completely submerging battered food in oil at temperatures ranging from 350 °F to 375 °F (177 °C to 191 °C). Once the food has been submerged in the oil, heat conducts throughout the food causing proteins to denature, starches to undergo gelatinization, and dietary fiber to soften. As the sugars and proteins break down, a golden brown exterior is created.