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Technical High School Wood, Dust, & Welding Fume Removal


Technical High School Wood, Dust, & Welding Fume Removal

A New Jersey Technical High School chose Air Purifiers Inc. to replace their wood dust collection system and welding fume removal system.


(1) Sternvent Vibraclean Self Cleaning Dust collection system with the following:

  • Explosion vents
  • NRV Valve
  • Abort Gate
  • Spark detection System with water deluge

(2) Airflow Systems Model F-70R Ambient Air Cleaners

The dust collection system has a custom auto start, the dust collector automatically starts when any piece of equipment in the shop is turned on

Weld Shop:

(10) Movex Fume Extractors with dampers and spark arrestors

(1) Movex 15HP Custom filtration system including HEPA filtration and activated carbon

The system has an auto start which starts the exhaust system when a welder is energized.

System was completed in August 2023.

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August 26, 2023