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Ducting for Dust, Fume, Mist and Smoke Collection

We are proud to offer the original and complete line of Clamp-Together ducting for dust, mist, fume, and smoke collection. No rivets, screws, or welds are needed because each section of Clamp-Together duct has a rolled edge that is joined quickly with a simple tool-free Quick-Seal clamp.

Advantages of Clamp-Together systems include:

  • Installation times of less than half that of standard flanged duct systems.
  • Perfectly aligned systems, so long runs are even and have minimal static pressure loss.
  • Flexibility for adapting to existing ductwork or taking apart and reconfiguring quickly and easily for changes in the plant layout.

Air Purifiers, Inc. provides all the help needed to design and install a safe, cost-effective, and energy-efficient ductwork system.

Clamp-Together ducting for dust, mist, fume, and smoke collection

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