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Electrostatic Air Cleaners

Electrostatic Air Cleaners for Grease and Smoke

For very fine mist and smoke, electrostatic air cleaners provide high-efficiency filtration with low energy and operating costs. Our line of electrostatic precipitators provides safe and effective removal of grease and smoke from commercial cooking applications, as well as an efficient collection of machine mist from industrial operations.

With a full range of options, including pre-filters, odor absorption modules, added fire suppression components, and application-specific fan packages, our electrostatic air cleaners are customizable to meet various needs.

Typical Processes:

  • Commercial Cooking Operations – restaurants, hotels, hospitals, corporate & government cafeterias
  • Industrial Metalworking Operations – machining, wire drawing, roll mill operations, cold forging, CNCs, and aluminum die-casting

Electrostatic Air Cleaner

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