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Abort Gates

Abort Gates for Fire Safety

For dust collection systems that handle combustible dust, our High-Speed Abort Gates provide protection of the workspace against potential explosions or fires, meeting the requirements of NFPA 664. Abort gates are generally installed on the downstream side of the dust collector, where clean air is being recycled to the facility workspace.

In the event of an explosion or fire in the dust collection system, the abort gate, working in conjunction with a spark detection system, closes within milliseconds. The closed gate prevents sparks, flames, burning material or combustion gases from entering the facility, diverting them to a restricted area/safe zone and thus protecting the facility, equipment, and personnel.

In combination with our backblast damper, the CARZ Explosion Isolation Flap, which protects against the transmittal of sparks or explosive material on the inlet side of the collector, the High-Speed Abort Gate provides added protection on the outlet (clean air) side. With these safety devices in place, both the upstream and downstream paths to the workspace will be blocked in the case of a fire or explosion.

Abort Gates for dust collection systems
Abort Gates for dust collection systems