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Laboratory Arms

Laboratory Arms Custom Designed for Industry

Air Purifiers, Inc. offers a complete line of benchtop extraction arms available in self-assembly kits for quick and easy installation of the needed arm for each type of laboratory process. Each kit contains all needed equipment, including a fan and filter, a fan speed controller, hoses, table bracket, and connectors.

In addition, Air Purifiers can design a customized laboratory arm system to meet specific requirements. Our BT Arms are designed for flexibility with interchangeable hoods and mounting systems to facilitate the optimal solution for each laboratory application.

Features & Options:

  • Models include the general purpose ORIGINAL arm, the corrosion-resistant CHEM arm for chemical environments, and the anti-static ESD/EX arm for electronic environments.
  • Arms are available in a range of diameters for varying flow rate needs.
  • Selection of hoods range in size, materials, and shape to best fit the application, including clear plastic hoods for visibility, black, white, and metal hoods.
  • Arms and hoods are easily adjusted for optimal positioning.
  • The BT Arm extraction system is designed for optimal efficiency and low noise.
  • Arms may be mounted on the work surface, ceiling, floor, or wall.
  • Integral fans provide airflow for one to three arms, or arms may be incorporated in a central ventilation system.
  • A complete range of components, including fans, filters, and controllers, are available to meet the needs of every extraction system, big or small.

Typical Applications:

  • Chemical and pharmaceutical plants
  • Electronics assembly factories
  • Research laboratories
  • School chemistry laboratories and technical workshops

Laboratory Arms


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