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Rising Up Toward Clean Air

Rising Up Toward Clean Air

A bulk materials conveyor system is successful if the conveyed material is properly transferred from either conveyor-to-conveyor or into storage bins and stockpiles. A conveyor system’s design has historically been focused on the structural integrity of the system and the selection of the mechanical components.
Visible dust produced during the transfer of coal can cause several problems. The dust generated can not only cause a haze in the air, reducing visibility, it can also build up in conveyor mechanical components, causing component failure and unexpected maintenance requirements. Additionally, dust can settle in working areas, causing a hazardous environment for workers.
Historically, many coal plants have utilized dry dust collectors to abate airborne contaminates from material handling applications. With the increase in global legislation relating to explosive dusts, as well as the increasing cost of suppression systems, more and more customers are turning to the cost effective wet dust collector.


A central coal-fired electric utility company contacted AAF in need of a solution to a number of challenges they were facing related to the conversion to Powder River Basin (PBR) coal. The baghouses that were currently being used were encountering many operational problems, mainly due to the new type of coal and its specific characteristics. The customer was concerned about meeting NFPA regulations, eliminating fire hazards, and also maintaining its current status as a reliable and cost effective producer of electricity for their customers.


AAF provided the RotoClone® W with 304 stainless steel construction complete with a 90 degree outlet elbow to fit into the allowable space with minimal structural modification. This unit not only acts as a compact wet air cleaning device, but it is also an approved and certified fire barrier, making it the perfect solution for this explosive application. Due to its construction and operating characteristics, the RotoClone® W was able to be installed on the customers’ existing platform and operate in a severe environment without abrasion and vibration issues.


The customer was completely satisfied with the initial investment and the operational savings associated with switching to the RotoClone® W. They recently put a program in place to purchase several more wet dust collection units to replace additional pieces of equipment across their site.

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