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NY Area Fire Department Installed in January 2023


Diesel exhaust Removal, Fire Department
New Firehouse, The Harrison Fire Department selected the Nederman Magnatrack HS for removing harmful diesel fumes in their New Firehouse.


Nederman Magnatrack

Reliability – Uses proven technology, installed in over 10,000 stations worldwide for over 2 decades

Assisted Release – The system offers an assisted release from the vehicle and does not just pull of the truck through sheer force but also provides a lifting action providing a smoother safer release with less recoil and swing back than competitive systems.

6″ diameter hose – The system uses a 6″ diameter hose providing up to 800 cfm, the most of any system on the market.

8″ Nozzle – The 8″ nozzle provides greater ambient air intake providing cooling air which extends system life.

Anchor Plate – The Nederman system attaches to an anchor plate mounted on the vehicle body and uses that for the pulling force of the system, not the exhaust pipe which was never designed to pulled on by systems that attach to the exhaust pipe.

Specialty Nozzles – Nederman designs special nozzles to work with and fit the newer EPA 07 tailpipes. We do not need to change the tip of the exhaust pipe to work with the system which could void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Auto Start System – With the Nederman Auto Start System, the exhaust fan is activated prior to the start of the vehicle’s engine ensuring 100% capture of exhaust. Other styles of starting systems are unreliable and prone to failure.

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April 14, 2023