Filtration Airflow:

Welding Booth

API provided an Airflow Systems DustPakR PowerBooth a self-contained weld and grinding work environment, removing airborne contaminants from worker breathing zones and preventing pollutants from migrating into other areas of the facility.

Middle School Woodshop

School District contacted API to provide a design and installation of new NFPA compliant dust collection system for their woodshop program. New System includes Dust Collector fitted with explosion relief panels, Abort Gate, Spark detection, and no return valve.

Vehicle Exhaust Removal System

API was contacted to design a properly sized vehicle exhaust removal system, the systems located in (2) buildings included Movex hose reels Movex’s hose reels allow the length and dimensions of the hose to be adapted to the needs of the worksite and according to the planned installation height. 100% of the exhaust gases are removed safely from the building.

Ceramic Dust / Art Studio

The largest not-for-profit organization committed to creative expression. Housed in a purpose-built facility in Brooklyn, the organization hosts an extended network of art and fabrication professionals and educators who work together to co-create and share artistic practices vital to the wellbeing of artists and the communities to which they belong.

Metalworking - PulsePak Prime Start Up
Metalworking | PulsePak Prime Start Up
CNC plasma cutting machines are used extensively in metalworking. They give manufacturers the ability to quickly, accurately and repeatedly cut complex shapes out of metal sheets, ranging in thickness from a quarter to several inches. A high energy plasma cutting torch will generate significant volumes of metal debris, with some of the fine particles capable of becoming airborne.