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Lab Arms for Dust

API provided and installed Several Movex Me 100 extractors. With its optimal design, Ø 4 inch Movex ME has a very low pressure drop, which provides many valuable benefits. A clear dome hood allows for the operator to have an unobstructed view of their work area while providing a clean dust free breathing zone.

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Fiberglass is listed as one of the U.S. ccupational Health and Safety Administration’s (OSHA) priority safety and health hazards because the fibers can be inhaled. This inhalation often occurs during manufacturing or installation. If inhaled, fiberglass dust can cause several health hazards, including irritation to the eyes, ears and throat, breathing difficulty and cough.
Optiflow Pipe Workers Breathe Easier
Optiflo for Oil and Gas Industry
A manufacturer of polyurethane pipes, intended for use in the oil and gas industry, had a problem with nuisance dust stemming from various processes along their production lines. These fine polyurethane particulates were generated from their grinding, sanding, polishing and buffing operations.