Laser Engraver Fume Removal

Air Purifiers was contracted by on of the biggest Laser Engravers in the northeast to outfit their facility with fume and dust collection systems for 40 engravers. The systems include (7) Micro Air MX 6000 air cleaners with 3 stage filtration including odor control.

Dust Collection for Bakery

API designed and installed Several AAF Optiflo self-cleaning dust collectors. Supplied safety equipment including explosion suppression systems, explosion relief vents, and sealed dust collection containers to meet OSHA and NFPA regulatory requirements and safety guidelines for management of combustible baking dusts.

Lab Arms for Dust

API provided and installed Several Movex Me 100 extractors. With its optimal design, Ø 4 inch Movex ME has a very low pressure drop, which provides many valuable benefits. A clear dome hood allows for the operator to have an unobstructed view of their work area while providing a clean dust free breathing zone.

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